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Congratulations to Bobbyjoe Smith

A little present from the club as a well done to Bobbyjoe Smith for winning the schools championships this year we are sure there will be more

Ninja Warrior UK

Girls Boxwise Course


Thanks to Boxwise for supporting us with this pilot girl group. This is something we want to try and build on and hopefully sustain for the future


The Golden Girl Championship

The Golden Girl Championship


Priory Park Boxing club was fortunate enough to send a squad of female boxers to The Golden Girl Championship in Sweden.



We are so proud of the FLAG team after a fantastic weekend at the Winter Women’s Box Cup. A real team effort from all the girls and coaches from start to finish. End result was 4 gold 6 silver and 4 bronze and a shout-out to Kelsey Oakley who won boxer of the Tournament! The team trophy is coming home to the Midlands and will be kept at Aston ABC where hundreds of rounds of sparring have happened in preparation. Keep your eyes peeled for info on the next squad and future tournaments 




Congrats to Kelsey Oakley and her Fight Like A Girl Midlands team who were named respectively as Best Boxer and Best Team of the tournament at this weekend’s England Boxing Women’s Winter Box Cup 2022 


Kelsey was presented with her trophy by the London Regions Terri Kelly 



Haringey Box Cup

PHOTO-2022-06-21-12-40-40 (2).jpg

Well done to team priory consisting of boxers Zach Evans, Kelsey Oakley, Regan William, Mia Holland and coaches Mitch, Paul and Richard for participating in Haringey Box Cup. 


PHOTO-2022-06-21-12-40-40 (3).jpg
PHOTO-2022-06-21-12-40-40 (4).jpg

Woman Bootcamp-a-thon

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272A7643-Edit copy.jpg

A big thank you to all the women who participated in the women's boot camp-a-thon on Saturday 9th April 2022. They spent a long 2 hours from 11am to 1pm exercising to raise money for charity and our PRU school workshop. 

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Empire Fighting Chance Training Programme

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3O0A3526photoshop reedit.jpg

Priory Park Boxing Club and Empire Fighting Chance have joined forces. Priory Park Boxing Club/School representatives Warren, Paul, Kelsey and Sally had a brilliant visit to the Bristol gym to take a look at how we could implement some of the courses that they run their in our gym/school. 

Theses images where taken during the training programme hosted by Empire Fighting Chance

Darlaston Fundraiser


We ran this event at Darlaston Town Hall in January to raise funds for the Sweden box cup. This event was a success and raised a significant amount of money which allowed the priory women's squad to attended the sweden box cup. The event was a great night of music which received positive feedback from those who attended on the night.

Women in Boxing Conference - Loughborough University

What an amazing day this was! The first ever Women in Boxing Conference held at Loughborough University. So inspiring to listen to the different ladies involved in boxing talk about their journey and what it took them to get to where they are now and what drives them to keep pushing forward. Lovely to hear professional Natasha Jones, top official Amy Pu and Amanda Coulson stories as well and what drivers them to keep pushing forward! Terri Kelly, Amanda Groake, Amanda Coulson and Laura Sargant being recognised for their hard work in boxing and pushing female boxing forward and receiving a a spotlight award! It’s was also fantastic to catch up with my lovely RAIR ladies. Great to see our boxers and parents join in with the day, showing their achievements and ask lots of questions and continue their learning out of the boxing gym which is so important. In overall it was an amazing inspiring day and has defo pushed us to wanting to achieve more as ladies in boxing Well done Priory Girls


Priory Park Boxing Club - Dudley News Article

A news article about the current success of the club has been published on the Dudley news website. The news article can be accessed bellow by clicking on the link

2 More National Champions

Congratulations to Mia Holland (Under 57kg) and Kelsey Oakley (Under 48kg) for becoming National Champions on the 28th of November. Now looking forward to boxing for England again in 2022.

Mia Holland.jpg

Barum Box Cup

Well done to Martin smith, Bobbyjoe Smith, Eshaan Shaker, Connor Gregg and Danny Short for participating in the baron box cup with coaches Martin Smith and Mohammed Shaker.  

The boxers from priory park boxing showed a lot of heart and determination in performing at the barum box cup against much more experienced boxers opponents. 

Connor Gregg boxed a very good technical opponent from pinewood starr not being phased in giving his all however did not win but fought a great fight.

Eshaan Shaker also boxed a very good technical boxer in the final which what we all thought deserved to win but lost controversially.

Bobbyjoe Smith boxed a national champion, he fought his heart out but wasn't to be.

Danny Short boxed a very good technical bout winning every round to become barum box cup champion winning gold.

Martin Smith the only boxer to fight 3 bouts winning the first two and the losing  a very narrow decision in the last bout but performed very well against some of the top boxers in the country.


Junior National Champions

Congratulations to Millie Short and Gracie Holland for becoming junior national champions


Thanks to Tipton Auto Centre

Tipton Auto Center.- Sponsoring Ollie Mayo and Ashley Foster

Big thanks to Jamie Hodgetts for his support. For not only sponsoring the club Minibus and keeping us on the road safely but now for sponsoring Ollie. Ollie has worked hard over the lockdown.

It’s wonderful to see local businesses helping local kids.

You can read more about Tipton Auto Centre on our Sponsors section.

Sponsorship Oppourtunities are available, and we are always grateful of the support. To find out more details, contact us via the contact page of the website. 

Thanks again to Jamie and the team at Tipton Auto Centre


The college classes come to an end for another term

Congratulations to the class from Dudley College of Technology for the completion of there bronze level boxing achievement. We look forwards to seeing what you achieve in the future and we wish all the best for you.


Queen Award for Voluntary Service

Priory park boxing club was awarded a Queens award for voluntary services in 2018, Paul Gough and Warren Davies were also invited to Buckingham palace to attend a garden party 


"Thank you Priory Park" - From Parliament

We are immensely proud to have been given a mention in Parliament today. We are committed to working hard with people within the community and plan to develop

this further in the future.

We appreciate all the support from Boxers past and present, families who have helped us past and present, Businesses, Coaches, Committee Members - Everyone who has played a part in the development our of club, we are thankful. 

A very proud day for us

We find ourselves in unprecedented times.

Our Gym is eagerly awaiting to be back open and we are working 

As you can see from the videos below and to the side we have been itching to get back throughout lockdown. 

We really would love your support. If you are able to you can donate to us via the "Donate" button or scanning the QR Code. 

Thankyou - Team Priory Park.

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You never know who you might bump into at Priory Park! 

We are happy to welcome Aaron Chalmers back to Priory Park. The women's class were also happy to see him! 

Summer Camp 2019 Success

2019 saw us roll out our Summer Camp again. It was a huge success and a lot of fun. You can see more details on our Summer Camp 2019 by clicking here or on the picture below of our Summer Camp Crew!

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